Dating when in aa

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*It is suggested by AA and most 12 Step Groups of Recovery to wait one year before entering into a romantic relationship.

Alex Hankel, who ran NA meetings in New Orleans, ended up pregnant while in rehab at age 18 by a man 15 years her senior.

“It never caused a relapse, but it did make me question the joy of sober life, and also consider suicide,” said Blackwood to The Guardian.

It is strongly advised that they remain focused on themselves until their sobriety is strong.

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Sadly, many newly sober people end up not only dating too early in recovery, they actually meet their significant others while attending AA meetings.

Asia Blackwood, a single mother of three in her mid-20s, began dating a man with nine months of sobriety during her first weeks in AA.

She eventually found out he was sleeping of dozens of other women in the same support group, many of whom she had leaned on.

It is recommended that people who are still within the first year of their recovery should avoid beginning romantic relationships.

This is because their priority needs to be staying sober.


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