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However, the majority of families in Lithuania are made by people who met their spouse somewhere in their lives, e.g. Recently, dating somebody met online became a common practice.

Beautiful girls from Lithuania are waiting for you!

Of course I’m not talking about architecture or food—my main field of study was the women. Estonian women have some curves and boobs while Lithuanian women have boyish bodies that are Asian like (I was grossly disappointed with the Lithuanian ass). The biggest problem with Estonia is that they have a growing obesity problem.

If all Estonian women were thin, they’d win by a mile, but for now they only get a slide edge over Lithuania thanks to their more juicy curvature.

With a lifetime average of just 3 sexual partners, the majority of Lithuanians actually spend their lives outside the "dating scene" altogether.

Every country has its own customs and practices and Lithuania is no exception.


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    Even though we’re living in the 21st century – an era of online chatting, facebooking and googling, we still can’t hide the fact that we are a race of over sentimental and hopelessly romantic emotional machines that just can’t get enough of our cheesy and romantic chick flicks.

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    The meals are simple -- pasta mostly, with cheap wine and lemonade. They secretly stole sheep from the islanders and, unable to make a fire -- it was wartime, after all -- they devoured the meat raw.