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The devastating societal effects of the national opioid crisis are as far reaching as they are complex and require multimodal and highly coordinated interventions involving policy makers, public health, law enforcement, the medical community, payers, and community stakeholders.In the face of this crisis, policy makers and health care providers have responded vigorously with numerous recommendations and proposed reforms to reduce the risk of harm.A 43% increase over current levels would likely require 13-17 million hectares more land than we are currently already devoting to biofuel production and approximately 145 billion more liters of water.Some international agencies anticipate even higher levels of biofuel consumption.

Regardless of how you feel about people protesting during the national anthem, mandating what people have to do during a song meant to celebrate American freedom is pretty absurd.

From a clinical perspective, newer abuse-deterrent products are not novel chemical entities.

Rather, they are existing opioids that have proven efficacy with patented abuse-deterrent properties added to them.

While we applaud the recognition of the problem and the effort to solve it, it is imperative that recommendations, and particularly mandates, are evidence-based and are not so costly that they jeopardize alternative, proven strategies.

One approach that is gaining energy both at state and national levels would be to require payers to cover abuse-deterrent opioids.


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