Tisha campbell duane martin dating

Martin and Tisha had an affair, but Martin fell in love and she didn’t. He always told Tisha ‘Your man is soft.’” Lawrence’s obsession with Campbell was making everyone on set uncomfortable, and Campbell would end up leaving the show.

Campbell became furious with Lawrence badgering her all of the time in an attempt to get her to leave her fiance.

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The Hollywood couple were requested to release the computer to the courts back in April in relation to their Chapter 7 bankruptcy, after their presiding trustee said they diverted funds from him in an attempt to hide assets.

The Martins argued that the personal laptop in question contains personal information, such as photos, confidential communications and medical records regarding their special needs children, reports the Jasmine

The trustee is now asking a judge to order them to hand over the laptop, and allow him to have a professional copy their computer files and records.

For the first four seasons, Martin’s girlfriend was Gina Waters, who was played by Tisha Campbell, but she was not a main member of the cast during the fifth and final season.

Lawrence and Campbell were a couple not only on camera, but also hooked up behind the scenes. Lawrence was quite infatuated with Campbell according to sources that worked on set, including Carl Payne, who played Cole Brown on “Martin”.


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