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The Government has failed to ratify a pan-European convention on women’s and girls’ rights three years after signing up to it and 12 months since it came into force.

Albania, Andorra, Malta, Serbia and Turkey are among the 18 states that have already ratified the Istanbul Convention.

The nightclub is popular with famous locals, including singers, actors and athletes. New footage has emerged of the unidentified suspect that showed him taking a selfie video as he circled Istanbul’s famous Taksim square.

It wasn’t clear if the man had filmed the clip before or after the deadly attacks.

For example, the convention would give women the formal right to counselling after suffering domestic violence or abuse.

Hilary Fisher, director of policy at Women’s Aid, said: “This is a really powerful convention and it’s disappointing that the UK hasn’t ratified it.

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And as you are a traveler at times, at other times you also are a host, and on both occasions so far I had only had wonderful experiences.Ms Cham, who studied at Lebanon’s American University of Science and Technology, reportedly died with her fiancé Elias Wardini and 37 other people at the nightclub.The killer, who hasn’t been caught or publicly identified, initially shot dead a policeman and a civilian outside the venue before opening fire on the estimated 600 people inside.Officials at the Home Office, Foreign Office and Ministry of Justice are understood to be combing the British statute book to make sure that the UK has jurisdiction over other offences committed abroad against women by UK nationals.There are suspicions that the convention would be difficult to implement because of spending cuts.But the UK is still assessing whether the country’s laws are compliant with the convention that seeks to protect women from sexual violence, a delay that has infuriated campaigners.


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